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During my recent market research for my “dash.” application I fell into a deep deep dark part of the GM Speedometer Repair world.  It turns out GM instrument clusters from 2003-2006 use cheap quality plastic. At the time they used cheap stepper motors and they fail.

The fix is relatively cheap, between $100-$200 plus shipping. The problem is you have to remove the dash and then ship it off for repair. Usually they are turned around in 24 hours.  The biggest problem is that you have to remove your instrument cluster yourself. You are left without a cluster during shipping to and from as well as while your’s is repaired.

The build counts for these years are in the 8-9 Million units which is going to, thankfully, keep the cottage industry going for years to come!  Here are the total GM build counts worldwide, but this affect brands like GMC, Chevrolet, Hummer, Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Cadillac.

  • 2003 : 8.098 Million Units
  • 2004 : 9.098 Million Units
  • 2005 : 9.051 Million Units
  • 2006 : 9.181 Million Units 

I’m thankful that there are shops out there fixing these clusters, but it is pretty unfortunate that the design is so poor that it has created this cottage industry.  

For those who are in this predicament, you should take a look at “Dash.” our application that provides relief for these scenarios and while you’re instrument cluster is being repaired.

Dash. is the high-end speedometer, odometer and trip computer for your car. Combining modern design and mechanics, Dash. is your go-to while navigating, competing and engaging with the world.

GMC Image Credit – Photo by Wayne Dery on Unsplash

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