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Redwood is just around the corner (June 1). If you haven’t found a car to show, now is the time to get your act together, but why is Radwood important to the automotive enthusiast community?

A celebration of the lifestyle and cars of the 80’s & 90’s best describes Radwood. At this time a lot of the traditionally cool cars have skyrocketed in value and have turned into something most automotive enthusiast simply cannot affort. There are other cool cars out there and the Radwood car show will illustrate their uniquness and cool style.

The Driving While Awesome (DWA!) crew have done a great job of bringing together enthusiasts that aren’t hell-bent on exotics but are looking for something cool and unique. Example vehicles that people bring to DWA! events include BMW E30’s, 70’s & 80’s Porsche 911’s, more modern fare like Audi’s but also welcome are quirky compacts like Chevrolet Sprint Turbo’s. This eclectic mix makes for a diverse and truly interesting events.

Radwood is the latest incarnation of DWA!’s mission to be the best in automotive opinion but also to bring together enthusiasts that value the ride, the quirk and the uniqueness that makes us all human.

We hope for a killer show and wish all the best to DWA!, Clutch-KickCammed & Tubbed and those in attendance. We will be watching from a far in admiration.

Checkout Radwood’s killer Instagram feed as well as their website:

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