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The concept of “Car Culture” has been around since the introduction of the automobile. This event is of a different kind. Most automotive enthusiasts baby their cars. They wash them weekly, dry them with fine microfiber and then carefully stow their babies away safe. They want to protect them from the wind, rain and sun. These automotive enthusiasts long for the exact opposite. Grit and dirt like Mad Max movies is what they are after. They are effectively rehearsing for the Apocalypse. They are also making sure that they will prevail.

Car culture comes in many flavors. Spanning the everything from Lamborghini’s and Ferraris to VW Bugs and M3’s. In recent years a different flavor of car culture has popped up on the scene. Much like Radwood celebrates the 80’s and 90’s. Wasteland Weekend celebrates the downward spiral of society into chaos with 5 days of “Post-Apocalyptic Camping”.

How does it Compare?

A car show, stunt fighting, and costumes galore best describes Wasteland Weekend. It is a very dirty opposite to any Cars & Coffee you will visit. Though, you’ll likely find the same interests in building, driving and spectating cars.

I enjoy learning more and more about events like these.  The Gambler500, the Broja250 and the 24 Hours of Lemons are 1st-cousins.  They all define a theme, build a dirt-cheap car and then go have fun.  For an amazing gallery and more information about Wasteland Weekend, check out Jalopnik’s article by Anna Merlin and incredible photos by Todd Seelie.

What if I don’t have a build?

To show up at one of these events without a vehicle, is like going to the Metallica concert wearing a Metallica T-Shirt. You are going to be that guy, you need to show up with a build to get the full experience. Many of the cars in these pictures can be purchased for less than $500 on Craigslist, but you’ll have to do some digging.  BRZO can definitely help you there. Search terms like “project” or “rust” are good places to start and then specify less $500 or less and get out your welder!

Title Photo Credit – zombieite

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