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Not too frequently, people ask us questions and we wanted to start collecting the responses so that everyone can create better searches on BRZO. The list of frequently asked questions below will hopefully help make your BRZO searching experience better.  If you have additional questions not covered by the topics below, please let us know by sending us email.

How do I filter out unwanted ads from my BRZO searches?

Craigslist has a system called, “wildcards” or “keywords” that allows anyone to conduct searches while hiding certain keywords from their results. There are a few special letters/characters that you’ll need to learn and understand how to use. We have written an article on how to use these special letters.

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I’m getting duplicate / unwanted results, is there a way to hide them?

Yes! Infact you simply swipe left on the result to reveal the “Ignore” feature. This feature will simply hide the result from the listing. It will also add it to an ignore list so that the result does not show up again in the future.

Oops I hid a result and want to get it back. How do I do that?

In the footer of the screen is a button to “Show Hidden” listings. Tap this word to view the hidden results.  From there you can unhide individual listings.

I have toggled the “Bundle Duplicates” option but I still see duplicate listings, why?

The Bundle Duplicates toggle switch only applies towards individual Craigslist locations.  If an advertising lister has created listings on multiple locations, BRZO will not know it is a duplicate and some duplicate results may slip through the filters.

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