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BRZO – Nationwide Mobile Craigslist Car Search App.

The first-ever craigslist car search engine for automotive enthusiasts that gives you — the power to find deals of the century. BRZO equips you with the tools necessary to weed out the bad ads while locating the diamonds in the rough.

Status Update: October 15, 2020

Please note the application is experiencing technical difficulties with the backend systems. If you are getting no results, this is why. I am currently working with Craigslist on resolving the situation.  To get updates please sign up for the newsletter where I will be pushing out status updates as I make progress.

I’m sorry for this and I hope to be back as soon as possible.

Thanks, Phil

Developed by enthusiasts, your personal automotive search engine is designed to help discover cars for sale by owner and process all the automotive ads on Craigslist nationwide — all while presenting personalized market statistics based on your search.

Created with proprietary technology, your personal search engine provides fast and flexible discovery tools that pinpoint great ads while weeding out the lame ads on Craigslist.

BRZO helps analyze every listing to make sure you don’t miss the best.

Ideal for all enthusiasts, it also features 7 key search options to hide listings and save you time; plus share your favorite searches and listings to your favorite podcasts to get involved in the community.

Finally, you can discover your dreams while saving time and money.

BRZO is available for iPhone and has been optimized for iPad Pro. BRZO has been built with the goal of saving you time locating unique and hard to find vehicles on Craigslist.

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