Free Stickers!

Back by popular demand, we have a limited supply of BRZO stickers to further your addiction for finding and experiencing used cars on Craigslist! When we run out, this page will magically disappear! So get them while you can!

BRZO Sticker Pile

Here’s how you can get them for free!!!

Get 1x BRZO Sticker – Do you love BRZO?

  • Write a review on iTunes and contact us (see below) and we will send you a sticker. If you want more than one, leave more reviews and let us know!

Get 2x BRZO Stickers – Did you buy a car using BRZO?

  • Buy a car using BRZO and post it to Instagram and tag us in your message @BRZO_APP and contact us (see below).

Get 10x BRZO Stickers!!!! – Do you want Internet fame and BRZO notoriety?!!

  • Do both of the above and make us a video testamonial about your BRZO addiction on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook and send us a link! We will also repost your testamonial and list it here on the BRZOApp website!! «– Stickers & Internet Fame!

Contact Options

  • Preferered: Join the BRZO Slack Community and send a message to @brzo_phil with your address.
  • Email: Stickers

About the Stickers

  • The stickers are white vinyl on transfer tape material overylayed with removable backing that makes installation a snap. If you need a video, see a pretty good installation video below. We recommend installing the stickers on glass, but they work equally well on painted surfaces (for removal on paint see this video).

Stickers in Action

BRZO Stickers on a BMW 330i (E46)

Sticker Installation

Sticker Removal

Jump to 4min for details on how to do it with a hairdryer / heat gun

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