Frequently Asked Questions

We receive questions all the time and we wanted to start collecting the responses so that everyone can create better searches on BRZO.

How do I filter out unwanted ads from my BRZO searches?

Craigslist has a system called, “wildcards” or “keywords” that allows anyone to conduct searches while hiding certain keywords from their results. There are a few special letters/characters that you’ll need to learn and understand how to use. We have written an article on how to use these special letters.

I’m getting duplicate / unwanted results, is there a way to hide them?

Yes! Infact you simply swipe left on the result to reveal the “Ignore” feature. This feature will simply hide the result from the listing. It will also add it to an ignore list so that the result does not show up again in the future.

How to Ignore a Duplicate / Unwanted Result from BRZO

Oops I hid a result and want to get it back. How do I do that?

At the top of the screen is wording that shows the number of results found. Tap this word to unhide the hidden results.

How to Unhide a Hidden Result with BRZO

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