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To search all of Craigslist can be difficult. If you are looking for a needle-in-the-haystack items it is even hard. Many regional areas simply may not have them that’s why you need to search nationwide. An app like BRZO makes it easy to search by region, state, country or even continent.

BRZO makes this easy to search nationwide by doing to heavy lifting of performing the same search, but in multiple locations (or all locations). BRZO then collects all the results and displays them for you in a quick and simple manner.

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“Once you’ve used BRZO, you won’t want to browse Craigslist the regular way ever again…”

Car and Driver

For example, we created a search for a 1969 Pontiac GTO. Yes, the Judge is what we are after. If you were to search each individual Craigslist locations it would take 417 tabs open at the same time in your web browser or using a service like Search’s AutoTempest. Then you’d need to do a whole lost of sifting through Craigslist ads just to find the right one.

With BRZO, you specify your search criteria once and the locations you are willing to travel to and then conduct the search. Within 60 seconds BRZO has searched every Craigslist location on your behalf and returned a number of results for you to review.

The Search

To review, simply inspect the ad and if it does not fit your criteria, swipe left on it to hide the ad from your search results. It will be hidden going forward. (Tip: To unhide, tap the “Show Hidden” at the bottom of the screen)

    After reviewing the list we start to see that a number of people are creating clones based on the Lemans. With that nugget of information we will negate the “Lemans” and “Clone” keywords from our search. This will tell Craigslist to hide the searches containing those words. Our updated search looks like this:

    Search Term: “Pontiac GTO -clone -trib* -conv*”

    Locations: USA

    Years: 1964 – 1967

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