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Every BMW E30 for Sale Nationwide on Criagslist

We found every BMW E30 in the country and spent hours sifting through the data to create this handy reference for you.

What does the BMW E30 Market Look Like?

For personal interest I wanted to understand how much BMW E30’s are going for nationwide in the USA. I wanted to understand which models were commanding a premium over their sibilings and to see if there were some unexpected surprises.

Below you will find a table based on my nationwide searching of the BMW E30 for each model we could think of plus some import / rare models like the M3 & the European Touring/Wagon imports of recent.

It is pretty impressive to see the entire market in one list and how my favorites like the 325iX and the Touring imports are commanding some serious money. For the budget E30 Enthusiast I would recommend the 318i Coupe.  There were a number available nationwide and many of them had manual transmissions. Strangely the 318i Sedan commands almost $1,000 premium over the Coupe.

Another takeaway are the Touring (or wagon) cars.  There is currently one on offer that is a 325iX with Sport package and a real nice color combo that commands almost $25,000.

I will from time to time update this list of vehicles and see how the E30 is faring.

If you are interested in learning more about BMW E30’s and the different variants worldwide, checkout our mega post on a bunch of other E30s like the 333i and the 320iS. 

How Much is an E30 BMW going for?

Nationwide data as of 7/13/2019




318i (Sedan)$3,189$3,000
318i (Coupe)$2,099$2,195
318i (Convertible)$5,431$6,000
318iS (Coupe)$6,562$5,000
325i (Sedan)$4,950$4,900
325i (Coupe)$6,076$5,000
325i (Convertible)$5,716$4,999
325iX (Sedan)$6,930$6,900
325iX (Coupe)$7,400$7,050
325iS (Coupe)$5,470$5,500

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