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BRZO’s user community is loyal. People searching for ads on Craigslist all day long and spending hours on BRZO. Lately the app has been popping up in the press too.  Even more recently it popped up in the traditional press! Like physical press! A couple of weeks ago, “The Week Magazine” from October 19th published a magazine article that Manuel Carrillo wrote for CNet.

Magazine Article with Circle Indicating BRZO

People seem to like BRZO and we hope you to do! If you are interested in what the fuss is all about give it a try and download it today.

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“Once you’ve used BRZO, you won’t want to browse Craigslist the regular way ever again…”

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BRZO Motors (Tuesday Edition)

BRZO Motors (Tuesday Edition)

Welcome to the first BRZO Motors "Web Edition"! up to this point BRZO Motors was email only, but I had a hiccup with my newsletter provider and they think I'm doing bad stuff! Anyway, well thankfully I was able to get the newsletter out of the system and reproduce it...

BMW E46 Oil, Types, Capacities & What You May Not Know

BMW E46 Oil, Types, Capacities & What You May Not Know

The BMW E46 has a common misconception about oil. Many believe that these cars burn too much oil. A well cared for and higher mileage (173,000+) vehicle in my experience burns the same amount of oil that it burnt the day it left the factory in Germany -- 1 quart per...