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Many people don’t consider craigslist to be a great source for sports cars, but a quick search and you’ll see everything from Honda S2000’s to Porsche GT3’s readily available. You just need to know how to specify and broaden your search area.

Many larger and smaller dealerships will post their inventory to craigslist to spread the word about their inventory but also drive business to their dealership.  Additionally you will find that there are niche Enthusiast Dealerships that focus specifically on Sports Cars.  Companies like Avant-Garde Collection out of Portland Oregon.  The team there specializes in 80’s, 90’s and 00’s sports cars as well they will do race preparation and storage if you should run out of space at your own garage. The team advertises in many places including Bring a Trailer as well as craigslist to broaden the net.

Finally, a lot of enthusiast search fo sports cars on craigslist using our app, BRZO. BRZO’s main feature is that it enables an enthusiast to search all of the local craigslist websites at the same time and generate a summary of the results. BRZO is available to help you find your perfect sports car.

BMW M3 Sedan E92 on Street in Multnomah Village Oregon Portland

Photo by James Sullivan on Unsplash

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