Sports Cars Under 10k

Some of the world’s greatest sports cars can be found for under 10k.  Yep it really is true.  Today we are going to highlight just a few. Without further adieu here are our top 5 Sports Cars Under 10k.

#1 – Mazda Miata

Our 1991 Mazda Miata – Spec Miata

A tried and true miracle of handling and domination on the track. The Mazda Miata is seen as a very successful car in that it sold over 1 Million units world wide.  This makes parts easily accessible at junk yards as well it has a non-interference engine which means it is effectively bulletproof.  We  personally own a few of these little gutless monsters. We currently own a 1991 race-prepared Miata for the Spec-Miata racing series.

Early versions of the Mazda Miata can be found on craigslist all day long for under 10k and most are manual transmissions.

#2 – Porsche 944

Photo by Ye Fung Tchen on Unsplash

There simply is no substitute for a Porsche.  Well built, performance tuned suspension and a dream to drive. The 944 is  budget enthusiast dream.  Having been built originally as a 924 race car, Porsche decided to go road-legal and name it the 944.  (Read more about this here – Wikipedia).  The 944 is a serious bit of 80’s kit and a great driver to boot.  There are a number of variants out there, but you can find base 944’s all day long on craigslist for under 10k.  If you want to have the Turbo script written across the back that will set you back at least $15k.

#3 – Honda S2000

Photo by John Volante on Unsplash

When Honda introduced the S2000 way back in 1999, it was as if a spaceship landed on America.  A production engine that revs to 9000 rpms, 50:50 weight distribution, rear wheel drive and it has the reliability of a Honda!  What a win!  The S2000, has been keeping it’s resale value very well until just recently when S2000’s can be readily found on craigslist for under 10k.

#4 – VW GTI (Mark II)

By Robrob42 [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons

The only front wheel drive on this list, but it is a goody!  Having owned a Mark IV GTI and having driven many Mark II’s we can say these are the grandfather of the breed. That being said they have lots and lots character.  Not quite as much character as the Mark I (but you’ll have to pay quite a bit more to snag a good one). The Mark II is the unseen classic at the moment and a great driver.  You can find them readily available on craigslist for under 10k and well taken care of.

#5 – BMW 325is (E30)

Photo by Blake Connally on Unsplash

The granddaddy of performance and simply put the Ultimate Driving Machine par excellence. The BMW 325is set the trend for many years to come with performance from a straight 6-cylinder engine, rear wheel drive and limited slip differential (O.G. – LSD). Many of the 325is’s over the years have been modded to an inch of death with crazy angel-eyes, lowering strings (I mean cut springs) and very strange shift-knobs. There are a few out there that remain untouched and well loved. Nicer 325is are available You will need to search far and wide for a manual transmission with LSD.