CNet Features BRZO of the 10 Best Car-Buying Apps

BRZO has begun to receive media attention over the past few months.  Outlets like The Week Magazine and CNet are ranking BRZO as one of the best “Car Buying” apps out there.  We pleased as punch with the coverage and to be listed with other great apps like TrueCar, Fair, Autogravity, Car Payment Calculator Mobile and Autolist.

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“Once you’ve used BRZO, you won’t want to browse Craigslist the regular way ever again…”

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Each of the other apps listed in the CNet article have found their own niche and provide you with a different dimension of detail and utility for the car-buying experience.

TrueCar for example focuses on the “New Car” buying experience to take the pain out of locating vehicles and then negotiating with dealerships. They have a nationwide network of dealership partners and a sweet portal that makes the process really simple.

Fair, is a new one for me. I had not heard of them before but it is a very neat concept.  The idea is that using the app you can find “Certified Pre-Owned” (CPO) cars to drive and then through Fair lease these vehicles without the commitment of a longer-term traditional lease.  Fair is a financial services company the is optimizing the CPO market.

Autogravity, brings the process of financing a vehicle, locating and negotiation into one single product.  By working with dealers, financial companies and you they make the car buying experience better.  

Car Payment Calculator is my kind of app. A simply utility app that takes the complexity out of the calculations involved when trying to compare financing options. You’d be surprised at how many different variables go into a vehicle lease and tools like this really help the consumer during the purchase process.

Autolist similar to BRZO focuses on aggregating multiple new and used car search websites into one search engine making it really easy to find vehicles and deals nationwide.  While BRZO focuses on Craigslist, Autolist focuses on everything else.

When it comes to finding a new or used vehicle there are many products & services out there that aim to make the car buying process more simple and quick. Each focuses on a niche of people who have different expectations of how the process should be. For me it is what makes the car-purchase market the more interesting and diverse.  Much like how all cars are focusing on different people, there is no one-true solution that works for everyone and thankfully that makes it fun!  

We would also appreciate your feedback and want to know what you look for when trying to find your next vehicle?  Where do you look, what are you looking for and how do you go about the process?

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“BRZO is like a turbocharged version of Craigslist’s cars and trucks section.”

The Week Magazine

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