The Car Culture Apocalypse Paired with Burning Man

The concept of “Car Culture” has been around since the introduction of the automobile. This event is of a different kind. Most automotive enthusiasts baby their cars. They wash them weekly, dry them with fine microfiber and then carefully stow their babies away safe. They want to protect them from the wind, rain and sun….

Sports Car for Sale on Craigslist

Many people don’t consider craigslist to be a great source for sports cars, but a quick search and you’ll see everything from Honda S2000’s to Porsche GT3’s readily available. You just need to know how to specify and broaden your search

Sports Cars Under 10k

Some of the world’s greatest sports cars can be found for under 10k.  Yep it really is true.  Today we are going to highlight just a few. Without further adieu here are our top 5 Sports Cars Under 10k.

Why Radwood is Important

Redwood is just around the corner (June 1). If you haven’t found a car to show, now is the time to get your act together, but why is Radwood important to the automotive enthusiast community? A celebration of the lifestyle and cars of the 80’s & 90’s best describes Radwood. At this time a lot…

Driving While Awesome Article

I wrote an article about how I keep track of cars that I regrettably sold.  the idea is that if it ever comes up for sale and the VIN is listed, I will be notified.  Check it out!