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GM Speedometer Repair and Your Options

During my recent market research for my “dash.” application I fell into a deep deep dark part of the GM Speedometer Repair world.  It turns out GM instrument clusters from 2003-2006 use cheap quality plastic. At the time they used cheap stepper motors and they fail....

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CNet Features BRZO of the 10 Best Car-Buying Apps

BRZO has begun to receive media attention over the past few months.  Outlets like The Week Magazine and CNet are ranking BRZO as one of the best "Car Buying" apps out there.  We pleased as punch with the coverage and to be listed with other great apps like TrueCar,...

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Search All of Craigslist (Updated for 2019)

To search all of Craigslist can be difficult. If you are looking for a needle-in-the-haystack items it is even hard. Many regional areas simply may not have them that’s why you need to search nationwide. An app like BRZO makes it easy to search by region, state,...

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Magazine Article about BRZO in “The Week Magazine”

BRZO's user community is loyal. People searching for ads on Craigslist all day long and spending hours on BRZO. Lately the app has been popping up in the press too.  Even more recently it popped up in the traditional press! Like physical press! A couple of weeks...

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Vote for BRZO – Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a website for finding new products around the web.  It is like Reddit but solely for products and services.  BRZO has been submitted and just needs some votes! ----> Up-Vote BRZO on Product Hunt <---- Kindly follow the link above...

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The Car Culture Apocalypse Paired with Burning Man

The concept of "Car Culture" has been around since the introduction of the automobile. This event is of a different kind. Most automotive enthusiasts baby their cars. They wash them weekly, dry them with fine microfiber and then carefully stow their babies away safe....

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Porsche 911 Turbo For Sale

Follow the action of our Porsche 911 Turbo that is for sale over at Bring a Trailer and if you aren't already a fan of BRZO be sure to download it today to see how we did compared to the cars for sale nationwide!

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Advanced Craigslist Search and How to Use Them

How to use Craigslist’s advanced tools to find the exact car you are seeking. Craigslist is a search engine and like Google. There are some advanced features that make finding exactly what you are looking for much easier. Below are the common tools that you can use to...

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